European cadastre and mapping authorities to meet in Riga

European cadastre and mapping authorities to meet in Riga
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Riga, 11 May 2015. The State Land Service of the Republic of Latvia will host the conference on “Digital Europe – Towards Cadastre 2034” and a plenary meeting of the Permanent Committee on Cadastre in the European Union in Riga on 12-13 May. It will bring together heads and experts of cadastre and mapping authorities from 20 EU Member States.

The conference aims to promote the application of digital solutions in cadastral systems which serve as the basis for sustainable land governance.

The EU Member States currently hold information about more than 560 million land parcels across the EU. The conference will focus on discussing quality of cadastral data and new sources for obtaining cadastral information. This information is fundamental not only for the implementation of tax policy, but also for secure land management, environment protection and sustainable land development at both national and European level. Therefore, the participants will share and discuss their experience on how to ensure up-to date data, the monitoring of such data structures that facilitate important decision-making process and the acquiring of new data sets that are in accordance with the needs of future planning. 

Considering that one of the Latvian Presidency priorities is Digital Europe and the development of digital environment is an important task within the context of sustainable land management, the participants will also exchange practices about the implementation of e-Cadastre, e-services and integrated procedures. 

The conference also aims to discuss the development of a dynamic cadastre information system. It would require not only integrated operation of this system, but also a high-level cooperation among organisations, such as cadastre institutions and local governments, and data holders and users.

The Permanent Committee on Cadastre in the European Union was established on 14 October 2002 when representatives from the institutions responsible for cadastre in 15 EU Member States agreed to formally constitute the Committee. Today, all 28 EU Member States are represented in the Committee.

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