Browsing of textual cadastre data with a contract

If the Cadastre data for the properties are necessary on regular basis, in large volumes, or in case information is necessary on what real estate a certain individual owns, it is possible to sign the subscription agreement for the use of the portal and browse the respective data in the authorised section of the portal.

In the portal, the current cadastre data for any real estate, building, land parcel, group or premises in Latvia are available 24 hours a day, and it is possible to search properties by the owner data (how many and what real estates the particular person owns). The portal subscribers can search estates by the name or registration number of the legal entity. The portal interface is also available in English, but the data can be accessed in Latvian only.

icon_3.png The information published in the portal is for information only.

To sign the agreement and to receive the access details, please, contact SLS Corporate Customer Service Centre by sending an e-mail message to: or by phone: +371 67038833 or +371 67038866. 

The SLS will prepare a draft agreement and inform you about the options for signing the agreement. If necessary, the SLS will communicate with the contact person specified by you in order to verify the information necessary to prepare the agreement

Within 3 business days of the signing of the agreement, the SLS will prepare the access details for the user of the Portal (password and user name) and use the details given in the application form to inform you about the receipt of the details. The details will be provided to you or your authorised representative in a sealed envelope with a statement on delivery and acceptance.

The representative having arrived to receive the identification details of Portal user shall produce a valid ID and the authorisation document, unless it is available in the public registries (e.g., power of attorney).

The user shall not disclose their access details to other persons. If this information becomes known to any third party, please, notify the SLS immediately by sending an e-mail message to:

If you have lost or forgotten the password, please, send a new password request to After the receipt of the request, the SLS will issue a new password to you within 1 business day.

  • Signing of agreement
  • User access details
  • Password recovery
DATA PUBLISHED IN THE PORTAL: General data Detailed data
Anyone Single payment Subscription agreement
Real estate content
Cadastral value
Cadastre object names and identifiers

Cadastre object name or address

Real estate – total area, owners, land registry, documents  
Land parcels – area, encumbrances, usage purposes and types, estimated cadastral value etc.  
 Buildings – areas and types, improvements, groups of premises, encumbrances, estimated cadastral value, etc.  

Groups of premises – rooms, areas and their types, improvements, estimated cadastral  value,  etc  

 Search by owner data

 Address classifier

 Full actual address entry

 Historical adress entry

 Administrative borders  

 Building addresses, street and road middle lines    

 Current and expected zoning  

 Land parcel and part borders, identifiers, building contours, encumbrances    

 Topography M1:500    

 Backgroun materials Satellite map

Satellite map,
orto-photo map
topo M1:2000 map
topo M1:10000 map

Satellite map,
orto-photo map
topo M1:2000 map
topo M1:10000 map

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