Administrative borders WFS service

The Web Feature Service (WFS) shows the geospatial information creation, adjustment and web sharing changes. The WFS offers direct access to the geospatial data on the level of characteristics and their properties. Thus, the user may retrieve or correct the searched data only, without retrieving the files which contain the necessary information.

The spatial data web services have been developed so that any interested party could use the geospatial data available to them as the background data layer in order to connect the spatial data sets of the State Registry of Addresses conveniently and easily to obtain additional information for their professional activities:

  • preparation of territory border spatial data and border descriptions, global positioning system (GPS) or logistics system development, map development, local government development and development of detailed plans;
  • preparation of forest exploitation organisation projects, preparation of forest taxation maps, nature reserve, reserve, protected landscape area zoning preparation and establishment of borders, environment protection and pollution map development, graphical marking of various types of utilities and business entities.
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From 85.37

By signing the respective agreement, any interested party can use the administrative border for all territory of the Republic of Latvia WMS service offered by the SLS which allows to browse the spatial data sets in vector format with the possibility of saving the data on the client's workstation. In the agreement, the SLS will include the terms and conditions for the users of the data. The agreement is to be signed by the SLS and the data user.

Signing of cooperation agreement:

To sign the agreement and to receive the access details, please, contact SLS Corporate Customer Service Centre by sending an e-mail message to: or by phone: +371 67038833 or +371 67038866.

It is important to note that the charge for 24-hour use of the web service (between 00.00 and 24.00) will be calculated for the 24-hour periods with at least one connection to the Web service, regardless of the duration of use or number of connections.

The SLS will prepare a draft agreement and inform you about the options for signing the agreement. If necessary, the SLS will communicate with the contact person specified by you in order to verify the information necessary to prepare the agreement.

Possible types of data usage terms and conditions:

  1. The end user may use the data exclusively for their own purposes without the right to use them in the provision of any services or to transfer the data to any third parties;
  2. The service provider may use the data for their own needs and include them in the provided services, but without the right to transfer the data set to any third parties;
  3. The data distributor may use the data set for their needs, include it in their services, and transfer to third parties.

Data set identifier - LVA.VZD.VARIS_600

Information system – State address registry information system

Coordinates system - LKS-92 TM

Year of initial publication – 2011-2013

Coverage - 100% of the territory of Latvia

Service type -  WFS (Web Feature Service)

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