Registration and updating of the land parcel and land parcel share

 The SLS offers registration and updating of the real estate objects – land parcels or shares of land parcels in Cadastre.

The SLS registers and updates data from the land cadastral survey documents submitted by the certified land surveyor, documents issued by the state or municipality institutions, as well as other documents submitted by the cadastre subject, about land parcel or land parcel share.

To register and update data about goal of usage, address, encumbrance of the land parcel and land parcel share, as well as rent of the land parcel and land parcel share or value of the forest land and forest stand please select any of those services.

Client service centers
Service completion date
From 5 working days
Service price
From 9.25 EUR

SLS offers the following services:

  • Registration or updating of data of the land parcel, land parcel share;
  • Registration, updating or cancellation of  the land parcel encumbrance;
  • Registration or cancellation of the right of way;
  • Registration, updating or cancellation of the rental data;
  • Determination or change of the aim of usage of the land parcel, land unit share;
  • Updating of the land parcel forest data;
  • Updating of the land parcel address;
  • Updating of data about cadastre subject.

You can order the service

sanemsana KAC.jpg  in person in any client service centre

epasts-final1.jpg  by e-mail by sending electronic application to the SLS, please sign the application with safe electronic signature and time seal.


We will begin execution of the service on the next day after receipt of order and full payment of the advance-payment invoice. You can choose the suitable form and place to receive the documents prepared by us – in the Client service centre or by mail.

identitates parbaude.jpg  When you order or receive document prepared after fulfilment of the service in the Client service centre, you need to present personal identification document – passport or ID card, but authorised person also the Power of Attorney.

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