Single browsing of textual Cadastre data

The service enables to view the real property and the textual data describing the land parcels, structures, groups of premises (apartments) it consists of.

On, anyone and at any time will find the current Cadastre data (information about any real property, structure, land parcel, group of premises in Latvia.

The service is available online, and the browsed information can also be printed conveniently. The portal interface is also available in English, but the data can be accessed in Latvian only.

icon_3.png The information published in the portal is for information only.

DATA PUBLISHED IN THE PORTAL: General data Detailed data
Anyone Single payment Subscription agreement
Real estate content
Cadastral value
Cadastre object names and identifiers

Cadastre object name or address

Real estate – total area, owners, land registry, documents  
Land parcels – area, encumbrances, usage purposes and types, estimated cadastral value etc.  
 Buildings – areas and types, improvements, groups of premises, encumbrances, estimated cadastral value, etc.  

Groups of premises – rooms, areas and their types, improvements, estimated cadastral  value,  etc  

 Search by owner data

 Address classifier

 Full actual address entry

 Historical adress entry

 Administrative borders  

 Building addresses, street and road middle lines    

 Current and expected zoning  

 Land parcel and part borders, identifiers, building contours, encumbrances    

 Topography M1:500    

 Backgroun materials Satellite map

Satellite map,
orto-photo map
topo M1:2000 map
topo M1:10000 map

Satellite map,
orto-photo map
topo M1:2000 map
topo M1:10000 map


The name and surname of the natural person are published only in case the real estate has been entered into the land registry and such information is publicly available on a State Unified Computerised Land Register . No other personal data are published.

 The service is available to all interested parties after payment in their preferred manner. The paid data are available till the end of the day of payment, as long as the web browser remains open.

Payment options:

Payment for more detailed browsing of the textual Cadastre data can be made using one of the following options:

  • the online banking systems of Citadele Bank, DnB Nord Bank, Norvik Bank, SEB Bank, and Swedbank;
  • debit or major credit card;
  • Mobilly account in the Mobilly payment system (for details on setting up a Mobilly account and account top-up options, please, refer to

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